Scented Sachet

Scented Sachets are a great option for adding some fragrance to your home, car or office. Simply place the envelope in or near the area you are wishing to spread the scented envelope. As time passes shake to reawken. These generally last for 4-6 months each. As the fragrance slowly dies out it is a good idea to place in a small area like a cupboard, drawer or closet. Come the end of the sachets time we like to cut the packet open sprinkle it into a carpet and vacuum it up to get the remainder of the remaining scent. 

Scented Sachets Fragrance Notes: 

Urban Vanilla: Sweet and Spicy- Warm and familiar, but with a touch of something exotic, this delicate fragrance is filled to the brim with cozy notes of cinnamon, tobacco leaf, cedar, and vanilla. It's the perfect excuse to sit back, relax, and take a deep breath.

Paris: Bergamot and mandarin infused with peach, apricot, and white chocolate. 

Hello Sunshine: sparkling grapefruit, sugared orange, sweetened lemon, and tangy lime. 

Be Happy: Juicy citrus touched with golden honey. 

Watermark: Watery green floral highlighted with lime and citrus softened with patchouli & amber. 

Tradewinds: Cool breeze of masculine cologne. 

Lavender 2: A much needed tranquil encounter, Lavender combines the freshness of herbs with sweet florals to create a perfectly calm and peaceful scent.

Rhapsody in Bloom: Vanilla & Citrus

Gooseberry & Fig: Fruit & Citrus

Prosecco Plum: Sparkling Fruit

Citron Sol: Herbal Citrus

Peony Bloom: Watery Floral

Spa Springs: Clean Marine

Cashmere Kiss: Warm Floral

Bella Freesia: Soft Floral

Magnolia: Bright Floral

Lavender: Rejuvenate with this soft peaceful fragrance

Haven: Herbal Musk

Orange & Honey: Sweet Citrus

Seaspray: Watery Green

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