Apothecary Jar Candle

Made by Laura, these beautiful pure soy candles harken back to a simpler time. Inspired by vintage  postcards and Victorian days, she's used a simple, but lovely approach to candle pouring that will look (and smell) beautiful in every home.

Each candle has a 40-50 hour burn time and is lightly scented with essential oils and burns cleanly with a 100% cotton wick. We use almost exclusively essential oils, with just the very odd use of fragrance oil so it's a much more natural source of smell. 10" high. 


Morning Mist: Hints of orange, almond and vanilla. Very soft, sweet and fruity.

After The Rain: A light and fresh scent of Rosemary, cinnamon and hints of a clean fresh laundry smell.

Nature's Song: Rose absolute and black pepper (very soft, and not overly rosy!)

Bramble Patch: Black raspberry, vanilla and sandalwood. A lovely fruity smell with just a hint of musk.

Sunday Morning: A lovely peach yogurt with a hint of ginger.

Lily Pond: A slightly deep, musky smells with hints of holly berry, red current, and thyme. 

Warm Maple Sugar: A lovely maple syrup smell with just a hint of bergamot (black liquorice) to cut the sweetness and give it depth.

Lemon & Sugar: Everyone's fav! Both brisk and sweet with a hint of mandarin orange as well!

 Lavender Field: Pure lavender essential oil. Just the beautiful basics to help you sleep and relax!

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