Gathered Thoughts Jar

Looking for the perfect wedding, house warming, or teachers gift? 365 Gathered Thoughts Jars are just that!

How to use the jar:

1. As you go through your day look for all of the little bits of good around you - all the blessings, beauty, love, kindness & magic.

2. RECORD IT. Jot down on old receipts, bits of paper, ticket stubs, and do it every day - at a coffee shop or on top of a mountain, don't worry about it being fancy! Collect it all in this jar and then...

3. At the end of the year empty out your jar... read & celebrate all of the ordinary and extraordinary parts of life that made you stop and pay attention.

*For optimal results, practice that above steps every day. The more you practice looking for the good, the better you get at finding it.

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