Mindfulness Meditation Class For Beginners June 14, 7pm

Join a beginner-friendly class designed to introduce you to the basics of mindfulness meditation, breathwork and gentle yoga. This soothing session will guide you through gentle yoga poses, teach you effective breathing techniques and help you cultivate a calm and focused mind through mindfulness meditation. Perfect for those new to these practices, you'll leave feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and equipped with simple tools to enhance your well-being. No prior experience is necessary - just bring a beginner's mind, a willingness to explore and a yoga mat and blanket! 

Where: The Elora Studio-Enter Through Boardwalk (stairs to right of Ron Wilkins Jewellery - 48 mill street west) and down to the left at the farthest door which is under the Epiphany patio).

Instructor: Heather

June 14, 7pm

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