A Wonder Workshop - Enchantments & Lucky Charms -May 16, 7pm

What: Wonder Workshop - Enchantments & Lucky Charms

When we think about lucky charms we may first think of cereal, instead of a sacred, or enchanted object, but people have been creating protective and lucky objects for thousands of years. You may already carry something lucky or sacred, perhaps it was a gift or found object?  Something presented from nature, or gifted to us by someone special? We can also create something lucky or sacred, enchanted even -  with our own energy.  

We all carry that kind of magic, and together we will invite in some wonder and delight. In this workshop we will begin by reminding you of your own powers of enchantment and then lean into the gentle work of creating your own sacred object. Working with natural and found objects you'll be guided in bringing to life a protective lucky charm to hang in your home or office, as we remember the wonder in the details and the forgotten art of enchantments. 

Feel free to bring an object or supply (jewelry, old keys, feathers, bells, utensils, ribbon or trimmings, beads) from your own collection which you might be willing to part with to share as an offering toward someone else's sacred object on this enchanted afternoon.

Where: The Elora Studio-Enter Through Boardwalk (stairs to right of Ron Wilkins Jewellery - 48 mill street west) and down to the left at the farthest door which is under the Epiphany patio).

Instructor: Amy

May 16 7pm

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